The PFDA commissioned the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) to conduct the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) in the regional fish ports it manages and operates. This is in compliance with PFDA’s commitment to the Governance Commission for GOCC’s (GCG). Overall rating is 4.01 for services.

     The CSS determined the level of satisfaction of customers in terms of the essential services provided by the PFDA in its eight regional fish ports. It also identified service dimensions valuable to fish port clients/customers as basis for future directions of the PFDA, and formulated recommendations for continued improvement towards performance excellence.

     The CSS involved data gathering of respondent information and survey location; site visitation; Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with indirect clients; and Face-to-Face interview with direct clients using survey questionnaire installed in tablets and android phones.

     Target respondents of the CSS were the direct clients or port customers with existing contract with the PFDA. Inputs from indirect clients, or those without direct transaction or business with the PFDA fish ports, were also considered in the study through the conduct of FGD’s in selected fish ports.