By virtue of PFDA Board Resolution No. 17004, FeedMix Specialist, Inc. (FSI), is expected to commence operation of the IFPC Fish Processing Plant anytime soon.

FSI is a 100% Filipino-owned integrated aquaculture company based in Pulilan, Bulacan. It operates its own hatchery, feed mill, grow-out facilities and fish processing plant. Said company has been in this line of business for twenty (20) years.

For its expansion program in Western Visayas, FSI decided to lease the newly installed IFPC Fish Processing Plant for the processing of local produce of fish farmers in the area, as well as to accommodate their internal aquaculture production.

The FSI operation at the IFPC will boost local aquaculture production of milkfish and shrimps, and will be a welcome intervention to the development of the fishery sector in the area. The economic activity would not only translate to additional job opportunities for the local populace, but also improve the entrepreneurial efforts of marginalized fisher folk. (Just Anaquita, IFPC)