The operation of the newly PFDA-constructed Balatan Municipal Fish Port (BMFP), located at Brgy. Siramag, Balatan, Camarines Sur, is expected to increase revenues of fishers; cultivate additional livelihood opportunities for traders, processors and fish handlers; and improve quality of fish and its network of distribution. The establishment of the fish port is in line with the PFDA's mandate of providing post-harvest infrastructure facilities to fishermen. It was inaugurated on February 09, 2017.


Prior to the construction of BMFP, unloading of fish catch was being undertaken in the various barangays in the municipality, with fishers coming from as far as Burias Island transporting their catch in Balatan due to the presence of numerous fish traders that offer relatively better prices for fresh fish. The port will benefit more poor fisherfolk living in the municipality as unloading activities will be centralized; more traders and “viajeros” will be attracted; investments in related services are anticipated to increase; and double handling of fish will be eliminated.


Balatan is a 4th class municipality with 451 fishing vessels operating within the municipal waters of Ragay Gulf. Volume of fish unloadings is estimated at 10 MT per day, and daily demand for ice is about 9.53 MT. The port is projected to generate an annual income of PhP 2,698,036.00, mostly from berthing, unloading and transshipment fees. The facilities include: stairlanding, market hall, ice stalls, utilities (power, water, drainage/sewerage system and holding tank), guard house and administration bldg. (MTVF)