The Seafood Expo Global is the world’s largest seafood trade fair which happens each year in Brussels, Belgium. The Expo features almost 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world. It is a once-a-year event where professional seafood buyers and suppliers from every corner of the globe meet and do business with each other. Closely covered by the Media, it is also an excellent way to promote one’s business in the fishing industry.

Together with Undersecretary Atty. Francisco Villano of the DA, the BFAR support team, and the Agricultural Attache of Belgium, PFDA GM Atty. Glen Pangapalan was enjoined to attend this year’s ingress of the Seafood Expo’s opening and was warmly welcomed by the higher commissions of Brussels. The group roamed and observed the different fish processing stalls represented by various European countries.

According to Atty. Pangapalan, the event provided a “great opportunity to learn more about the different fish processing technologies from all over the world, and meet people who thrive in the same industry.” (Thea Lacson)