The Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) assured all its port clients of drug-free business locations in all its Regional Fish Port (RFPs).

Recently, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) assisted three PFDA RFPs --- Iloilo Fish Port Complex (IFPC), General Santos Fish Ports (GSFPC) and Navotas Fish Port Complex (NFPC), through series of meetings and inspections related to anti-drug campaigns.

The PDEA – Region VI, in coordination with the Philippine National Police Maritime Command (MARICOM), and Philippine Coast Guard, conducted a joint inspection in IFPC last July 7, 2020.


Drug-free RFPs. PDEA – Region VI conducted random-check in various vehicles like this fish truck entering the IFPC premises, July 7, 2020

Meanwhile, PDEA – Region XII Drug Interdiction Unit also led an inspection in GSFPC with the assistance of the Office of the Port Manager - Port Security Unit last July 8, 2020.


Drug-free RFPs.PDEA – Region XII with its K9 unit inspected personal belongings like bags of port clients entering the GSFPC, July 8, 2020. 

Meanwhile, the NFPC management held a meeting with the PDEA – National Capital Region, led by Assistant Regional Director Irvin Coderis, last July 17, 2020. 

NFPC Port Manager Luz Ortiz, Acting Assistant Port Manager Arfilo Catipay, and NFPC-Police and Security Division Officer-in-Charge Nasil Abdul attended the meeting.


Drug-free RFPs.PDEA-NCR and NFPC management held a meeting last July 17, 2020 to discuss various guidelines to maintain a drug-free zone.

All these activities further highlight the efforts of the PFDA and all the RFPs to maintain peace and order in all the operating units and emphasize the implementation of stricter port regulations in the fight against illegal drugs with the help of relevant agencies like the PDEA, PNP, and Philippine Coast Gaurd. (Public Information Division with reports and photos from IFPC, GSFPC and NFPC)