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Three Regional Fish Ports (RFP) of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) in Luzon, namely the Bulan Fish Port Complex (PFDA-BFPC), Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) and Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), have delivered a significant amount of fishery products to all its clients and stakeholders in November 2021, based on the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS).

Among the three mentioned ports, the PFDA-BFPC showed the highest increase in unloading volume. Data showed that the PFDA-BFPC unloaded 1,459.19 metric tons (MT) of fish or equivalent to a 113.8% increase. By far, this record is the highest volume and the first 1K-mark for the second half of the year for PFDA-BFPC.

Subsequently, the PFDA-LFPC also showed a growth in numbers after registering 1,483.97 MT of fish (4.95% increase). The PFDA-LFPC has been one of the most consistent ports of PFDA when it comes to maintaining a sufficient volume of fishery products for its clients. 

On the other hand, the PFDA-NFPC has suffered a slight decline in its monthly unloading volume. Regardless of the drop, the port still delivered 19,463.41 MT of fishery products to its consumers. Despite the closed fishing season in one of its main fishing grounds in Palawan, the PFDA-NFPC still performed significantly in November. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)