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Unloading in PFDA-NFPC rises amid stricter quarantine restrictions

Despite the reimplementation of ECQ in the National Capital Region (NCR), Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) continues to deliver adequate and high-quality fishery products to its consumers in the Metro and several areas in Central and South Luzon.

According to the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS), during the August 6 to 12, 2021 period, PFDA-NFPC managed to unload 2,938.07 metric tons (MT) of fish. Based on the report, this record is a 20.48 percent increase compared to the previous week’s unloading volume before the strictest quarantine protocol was reimposed in NCR. 

Galunggong, bangus, tilapia, sardines, and shellfish are among the top five common species with the highest availability record during the said unloading period. 

With ECQ still in place until the 20th, PFDA-NFPC will continue to provide adequate fishery products readily available in the market at very reasonable prices.

PFDA-NFPC encourages all port clients and stakeholders to practice IATF safety protocols, including social distancing, hand washing, and the use of face masks and face shields when entering the fish port to avoid the spread of the virus. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)


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Tawi-Tawi Governor Yshmael “Mang” I. Sali, together with some members of the Provincial Government of Tawi-Tawi, met with Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) Port Manager Ignacio M. Yao to discuss the possible establishment of the Tawi-Tawi Integrated Fish Port and Facilities (TIFPF) in Tongsinah, Bongao, August 4 to 5, 2021. 

During the two-day visit, both parties talked about pre-construction requirements which include preparations and procedures to have an efficient fish port operation and management, just like what PFDA-ZFPC embodies. 

In response, Tawi-Tawi LGU ensured full cooperation to have the flagship project realized soon and make Bongao a sub-regional industrial center for marine resources providing work and business opportunities and contributing to provincial and regional economic growth.

TIFPF is a priority infrastructure project of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)’s government for the year 2021.

The provincial government’s visiting team includes Board Members Mr. Sabuddin N. Abdurahim; Mr. Sukarno U. Asri, MD; Mr. Abduljamil S. Ishmael, PhD; and Mr. Allan A. Ahamad, Engr. Wahab Bakil, Atty. Jan S. Jumianjang, and Engr. Borris-Zanzibar Kadil. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with reports and photos from Mary Felice M. Cirilo – PFDA - ZFPC)


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Weekly Briefer for August 2 to 8, 2021 unloading period

Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) has maintained its 6K mark of unloaded fish supply amidst challenges brought by stricter quarantine protocols and continuous southwest monsoon rains across all Regional Fish Ports (RFP) during the August 2 to 8, 2021 period. 

According to a two-week comparative report prepared by the Operations Services Department (OSD), PFDA RFPs registered 6,053.42 metric tons (MT) of fish for nationwide consumers, a slight decline of 0.64 percent compared to last week’s unloading record.

Based on the report, PFDA – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) made a significant improvement after recording the highest fish unloading volume compared to all RFPs. Despite the reimplementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the National Capital Region, the port recorded a 37.81% increase or equivalent to 2,530.96 MT of fish. 

On the other hand, PFDA – Iloilo Fish Port Complex (PFDA-IFPC) also recorded a significant increase in unloading volume despite being under ECQ. Data showed that the port managed to unload 488.85 MT of fish (42.90% increase). 

Furthermore, PFDA – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) maintained its positive unloading streak despite being under GCQ with heightened restrictions. According to the report, PFDA-ZFPC recorded 366.56 MT of fish, almost double its total volume from the previous week. 

In addition, PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) also registered a significant increase in their weekly unloading volume despite being under the same quarantine classification. According to the report, PFDA-LFPC recorded 297.69 MT (26.60% increase) of fish. 

Moreover, PFDA – Bulan Fish Port Complex (PFDA-BFPC) and PFDA – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) managed to increase their weekly fish unloading volume at 75.66 MT (27.20%) and 19.57 MT (887.54%), respectively. 

PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex may have declined this week, but it was still able to deliver the second-highest volume in all RFPs with 2,274.14 MT of unloaded fish. 

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division)


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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) and Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the reclamation and land development of the Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), held at Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) Conference Room on August 11, 2021. 

PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan signed a partnership agreement with PRA General Manager and CEO Atty. Janilo E. Rubiato for the reformation project consisting of approximately 15.62 hectares of reclamation as a component for the rehabilitation and improvement of PFDA-NFPC. 

Included in the memorandum are the mandatory requirements to be submitted by PFDA to PRA. Afterwards, these prerequisites will undergo review and evaluation before the reclamation project takes place. 

More port clients and stakeholders are expected to have better access to facilities and establishments once the land development project in PFDA-NFPC is completed. 

The MOU signing was conducted in conjunction with PFDA’s 45th Milestone Anniversary celebration. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with reports and photos from Marife F. Borja and Jude Ciprian Ambong – PFDA - DFPC)


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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) celebrated its 45th Milestone Anniversary with the theme “#FortifiedAt45: Pinalakas na sektor ng pangisdaan, Susi sa pambansang kaunlaran sa gitna ng pandemya” held at PFDA Central Office Conference Room on August 11, 2021. 

Due to the re-implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine in the National Capital Region, participants all over the country have attended the live program at the comfort of their own homes and offices via teleconference. 

During the program, Technical Services Department Manager Engr. Danilo Axalan presented the latest updates on the agency’s construction and rehabilitation of various port facilities in all municipal and Regional Fish Ports. 

PFDA’s isDA ON THE GO (IOTG) project was also highlighted during the program. Through a video blog presentation, PFDA showcased various fresh frozen fish products available in all IOTG stores nationwide at very affordable prices. 

Moreover, the agency gave special recognition to its Service Loyalty Awardees who rendered their service to PFDA for a remarkable amount of time. 

The agency also promoted its PFDA Review quarterly publication that is available for download at the agency’s official website at

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, and Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) Chairman Samuel G. Dagpin, Jr. graced the event through video messages and sent their warmest greetings and support as the agency marks its 45th year. 

In addition, members of the PFDA Board of Directors led by Department of Agriculture Secretary Dr. William D. Dar and PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan sent their well wishes to the PFDA community. 

Ms. Camille An Moog of PFDA Central Office - Operations Services Department and Ms. Joy Tuazon of Navotas Fish Port Complex – Administrative Services Division hosted this year's virtual program.

To watch the recorded live program of PFDA 45th Milestone Anniversary Celebration and to be part of the month-long anniversary activities, make sure to visit PFDA’s official Facebook page at and official Youtube Channel at

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division, with photos from PFDA-GSFPC and PFDA-ZFPC)


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PFDA Weekly Briefer for the July 26 to August 1, 2021 Period and isDA ON THE GO volume of fish sold as of August 4, 2021

Following days of downpour across the country due to intensified southwest monsoon, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFP) have slightly recovered from last week’s slump in unloading volume after recording 6,092.41 metric tons (MT) of fish, or equivalent to a 0.59 percent increase, during the July 26 to August 1, 2021 period. 

Based on a two-week comparative report collected by the Operations Services Department (OSD), PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex (PFDA-GSFPC) and PFDA – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) were the top-performing ports for the week.

According to the report, PFDA-GSFPC delivered 3,432.10 MT of fish to all its consumers. This record equates to more than half of this week’s unloading and a 50.21% increase compared to its volume tally from the previous week. 

On the other hand, PFDA-ZFPC has more reasons to be proud of after registering 183.37 MT of fish or equal to a 57.56% increase. 

Meanwhile, PFDA’s isDA ON THE GO (iOTG) Project continues to deliver fresh-frozen and affordable fishery products to its consumers. 

As of July 31, the IOTG project has already sold a total of 123,030.87 kilograms of fish and fishery products and has served more than 436,899 families since the start of the pandemic last March 2020.

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division)



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PFDA PUBLIC ADVISORY 07-2021: Illegal Impersonation of a PFDA Official

The Philippine Fisheries Development Authority warns the public against individuals/groups who illegally use the name of the agency and impersonate any PFDA official for unknown, unscrupulous agenda. 

It has come to the agency’s attention that there are anonymous individual/s or group/s who are pretending to be a PFDA official and directly contacting Regional Fish Port managers in Bulan, Iloilo, and Davao sending sudden notice of arrival, arranging unscheduled meetings, and shouting expletive words over the phone. 

There is no clear motive for the impersonation, but the PFDA does not tolerate any form of false representation of the agency’s name and its officials. Therefore, the agency warns all regional operating units and the public of possible fraudulent and nefarious undertakings of these illegal impersonators.

Should anyone encounter transactions and/or solicitations of a similar nature, please report this immediately to the Public Information Division Office at the telephone number (02) 8925-6141 or e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact government enforcement entities (National Bureau of Investigations, Philippine National Police, etc.)

Let us all be vigilant and cautious so we can achieve a safer and stronger work environment. feed

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