By virtue of PFDA Board Resolution No. 17004, FeedMix Specialist, Inc. (FSI), is expected to commence operation of the IFPC Fish Processing Plant anytime soon.

FSI is a 100% Filipino-owned integrated aquaculture company based in Pulilan, Bulacan. It operates its own hatchery, feed mill, grow-out facilities and fish processing plant. Said company has been in this line of business for twenty (20) years.

For its expansion program in Western Visayas, FSI decided to lease the newly installed IFPC Fish Processing Plant for the processing of local produce of fish farmers in the area, as well as to accommodate their internal aquaculture production.

The FSI operation at the IFPC will boost local aquaculture production of milkfish and shrimps, and will be a welcome intervention to the development of the fishery sector in the area. The economic activity would not only translate to additional job opportunities for the local populace, but also improve the entrepreneurial efforts of marginalized fisher folk. (Just Anaquita, IFPC)


The operation of the newly PFDA-constructed Balatan Municipal Fish Port (BMFP), located at Brgy. Siramag, Balatan, Camarines Sur, is expected to increase revenues of fishers; cultivate additional livelihood opportunities for traders, processors and fish handlers; and improve quality of fish and its network of distribution. The establishment of the fish port is in line with the PFDA's mandate of providing post-harvest infrastructure facilities to fishermen. It was inaugurated on February 09, 2017.


Prior to the construction of BMFP, unloading of fish catch was being undertaken in the various barangays in the municipality, with fishers coming from as far as Burias Island transporting their catch in Balatan due to the presence of numerous fish traders that offer relatively better prices for fresh fish. The port will benefit more poor fisherfolk living in the municipality as unloading activities will be centralized; more traders and “viajeros” will be attracted; investments in related services are anticipated to increase; and double handling of fish will be eliminated.


Balatan is a 4th class municipality with 451 fishing vessels operating within the municipal waters of Ragay Gulf. Volume of fish unloadings is estimated at 10 MT per day, and daily demand for ice is about 9.53 MT. The port is projected to generate an annual income of PhP 2,698,036.00, mostly from berthing, unloading and transshipment fees. The facilities include: stairlanding, market hall, ice stalls, utilities (power, water, drainage/sewerage system and holding tank), guard house and administration bldg. (MTVF)


The PFDA – Navotas Fish Port Complex management, together with the Navotas City LGU and DSWD, immediately responded to give food and other relief items to the fire victims of Barangay North Bay Boulevard North in Navotas City. NFPC offered a temporary staging area inside the fish port after the fire was put out and provided “hot lugaw” for the victims’ breakfast. Stakeholders at NFPC also donated food and relief packages, while the PFDA Credit Cooperative donated Twenty Thousand in cash.

A fire, which left around 600 families homeless, hit a residential area in the said barangay early morning of January 9, 2017. The fire also engulfed Market 3 of the Navotas Fish Port Complex (NFPC) as it spread quickly. Most of the residents were not able to save their belongings and were left with no choice but to stay at the barangay covered court for shelter. Around 600 houses were reduced to ashes with property damage estimated at Three (3) Million Pesos.

According to NFPC Management, the NHA at present is in the process of identifying a site for the relocation of those left homeless. (Betty Uy)

PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan (left), with Navotas City Mayor John Reynold M. Tiangco (Center) and National Housing Representative (right), conducts a dialogue with the officers of the informal settlers families (fire victims) regarding the plan for the staging area where they can temporarily stay while awaiting the readiness of their relocation site.
NFPC Port Manager Miguel B. Lamberte, Jr. (in printed Shirt) leads the relief operations for the fire victims.

The General Santos Fish Port Complex's ultimate goal in 2016 was to improve systems efficiency to achieve higher outputs while delivering quality service to port customers. GSFPC’s activities and transactions are varied --- from vessel entry, berthing, fish unloading, trading, etc. to payment of services or use of facilities. Most of all, they are manpower intensive given the large number of customers and volume of transactions.

Spearheaded by Port Manager Luisito Romeo M. Correa, GSFPC embarked on a full operations automation project to handle a wide range of tasks and help speed up processes. Transactions that were time-consuming or inconvenient were incorporated into systems and softwares were developed to complete a number of different tasks and automatically post results.

By the end of the year, developed by the Port’s Information Technology group, the Harbor & Market operations automation system was 100% installed at Assessment Stations of the Market Operations Division and Harbor Operations Division, as well as at the Collecting Stations of Finance Services Division-Cash Section. Likewise, a fully enhanced program for cash & charge transactions using Transaction Billing form was installed and utilized.

The automation for client accreditation was also 100% completed and deployed with support for cash collection and updates for Statistical Reporting. Permits and IDs can be claimed by customers in less than 10 minutes processing time. With the automated systems in place, GSFPC can retrieve transaction data in real time making consolidation for statistical figures more efficient and convenient. For GSFPC, process automation is simply the way of the future; the need for many tedious tasks eliminated, and human error reduced to its lowest possible point.(Fritzie V. Leviste)

Fish Port Unveiling. Philippine Fisheries Development Authority General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan (2nd from the left) led the inauguration and Turn-Over Ceremonies of the Maitum Municipal Fish Port in Saranganin Province on January 26, 2017. He was joined by Reynaldo Bungubung, DILG Regional Director (far left). Mayor Alexander Bryan B. Reganit, Maitum Municipal Mayor (center), Vice Governor Elmer Diperalta (second from the right) and Board Member George Faigui (far right).


     The PFDA commissioned the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) to conduct the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) in the regional fish ports it manages and operates. This is in compliance with PFDA’s commitment to the Governance Commission for GOCC’s (GCG). Overall rating is 4.01 for services.



Newly appointed Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) General Manager, Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan, took his oath of office before President Rodrigo R. Duterte on January 09, 2017. He assumed the position almost two months ago after he was elected as GM by the PFDA Board of Directors on November 17, 2016. Earlier, he was appointed by the President to the PFDA BOD as Private Sector Representative. Upon his assumption to duty, he also took his oath of office before Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol of the Department of Agriculture to which the PFDA is attached. feed

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