PFDA General Manager, Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan led the Inaugural Blessing and Turn-over Ceremony of Panabo City Fish Port to the Local Government of Panabo City. Receiving the facilities on behalf of the LGU were Panabo City Mayor James Gamao, other local officials and fish traders.

     The construction of the fish port, which is located in Brgy. Cangangohan, Panabo City, Davao Del Norte, was funded by the Nationwide Fish Port Development – Poorest of the Poor Program. The establishment of the port aims to increase productivity and income of the fisherfolk in the City and contiguous municipalities through the provision of an adequate fish landing facilitysupported by an efficient fish handling system that allows convenient unloading and more efficient flow of fish from catchers to traders and consumers.  The improved fish handling and distribution system will result to better quality of fish in the region.

Panabo 1

     The operationalization of Panabo City Fish Port would not only cater to the unloading of marine fish species from the Davao Gulf, which has an estimated daily unloading of 0.82 MT, but also service the unloading and sorting of fish being landed and produced in 330 fish cages currently operating in the Mariculture Park in Panabo City which is managed by the DA/BFAR.  The mariculture zone has an estimated daily unloading of 16.23MT of cultured fish.Marine species being unloaded at the Port includes moonfish, goatfish, swordtail, slipmouth and sardinella species while the aquaculture species raised in the fish cages consist of milkfish and rabbit fish (danggit).

      The components of the fish port project include fish landing and trading/sorting facilities, parking area, administration office, storage room, comfort room, power, water and sewerage systems, a perimeter fence, gate and guard house. (Henry Umil, Jr./M.T.Francisco)

Panabo 2





     The Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) inaugurated two new municipal fish ports in February 2018. PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan led the Turn-over Ceremony of the Sindangan Municipal Fish Port in Brgy. Siare, Sindangan Zamboanga Del Norte on Feb 01, 2018 to local government officials led by Mayor Nilo Sy, Vice Mayor Bess Jagonio and other municipal and barangay officials. Special guests of honor during the ceremony were Cong. Glo Labadlabad and BFAR IX Regional Director Sid Velayo.

     The Sindangan Municipal Fish Port was built in an area of about 1,600 sqm that used to be the traditional fish landing area in the municipality. The Port’s facilities includes: revetment cap and stairlanding, trading hall, an administrative office, public comfort rooms, ice stalls, and guard house.  Structures for utilities included a drainage and sewerage system, an outside water distribution system, outside electrical system and concrete pavement.

     These facilities are designed to accommodate the volume of fish unloading in the municipality, estimated at 7 MT daily which represent 30% of the total fish production of Sindangan. There are a total of 1,635 fishing bancas operating in the major fishing grounds of Sulu Sea, Sindangan Bay and Siari Bay that are expected to benefit from the fish port.

Sindangan MFP

     Likewise, the Kiamba Municipal Fish Port located at Brgy. Poblacion, Kiamba, Sarangani was turned-over to the Local Government Unit (LGU) on February 08, 2018.  Gracing the ceremony were PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan, Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Manuel Piñol, Senator Manny Pacquiao, Governor Steve Chiongbion Solon and Mayor Raul Martinez of Kiamba. 

     The construction of the said fishport was undertaken by PFDA in an area measuring 3,600 sq. m in the coastal area of the Poblacion.  There are 727 fishing bancas operating in Kiamba, 82 are classified as commercial fishing vessels (17 ringnet and 65 tuna catchers) and 645 municipal bancas.  The dominant species caught by the commercial fishermen include galunggong, matambaka, pusit, bariles and salmon; while the municipal fishermen produce pusit, matambaka, pirit and tulingan. The total marine production of Kiamba is estimated at 31.37 MT per day, with an estimated fish unloading in the area of 8.80 MT per day.

     These two newly operationalized fish ports will provide modern post-harvest facilities that will enhance fisheries livelihood opportunities for the fisherfolk in the said municipalities while at the same time enabling improvement in the quality of their catch. The newly constructed ports were funded by the Nationwide Fish Port Development – Poorest of the Poor Program. (Henry Umil, Jr/M.T. Francisco)

Kiamba MFP


Last January 15, 2018, PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan led the oath taking of Engr. Albert P. Aguinaldo as the new Port Manager of DFPC before the officers and staff, during flag raising ceremony.

 Engr. Aguinaldo was emotional as he thanked his family and his colleagues. He said that he was quite hesitant in applying for the said position. However, due to encouragements of his colleagues, he submitted his application and successfully bagged the promotion.

 "You are not working for me, you are working with me for PFDA under the leadership of our GM Glen A. Pangapalan," he said as he concluded his speech. (Christine Angelique F. Bisquera)

     In compliance with the mandate of Data Privacy Act of 2012, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) thru its Corporate Planning and MIS Department (CPMISD) in coordination with Administrative Services Department (ASD) / Human Resources Division conducted a training on Privacy Impact Assessment and Development of Privacy Management Program and Manual on January 25 to 26, 2018 at the ICTS Director’s Conference Room, Department of Agriculture, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City.

     The training aims to protect and secure data privacy rights of every identifiable person mandated by the aforesaid Act. The two (2) day seminar was attended by the designated Data Protection Officer, Compliance Officers for Privacy, and other data processors with Mr. John Macasio as training officer. (Henry A. Umil, Jr.)

     It was a proud moment for the PFDA when, out of 700 government agencies, the Authority was included in the 50 agencies whose 2016 GAD Accomplishment Reports and 2018 GAD Plans and Budgets were endorsed by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) last August 8, 2017. This inspired the GAD Champions from the PFDA Central Office and Regional Ports to aim higher during the PFDA GAD Planning & Budgeting Workshop and Capacity Building on Gender Analysis Tools conducted at DAP Conference Center, Tagaytay City, on December 4-8, 2017.

     One of the highlights during the workshop was the briefing by a representative from the Corporate Planning and Management Information Services Department (CPMISD) on what to expect and how to achieve a holistic approach in budgeting for CY 2019. Regional Ports' GAD activities will now be manageable due to the inclusion of all ports in PCW’s year-in, year-out activities adopted by the PFDA, whether in partnership with the DA and/or their respective LGUs. 
Engr. Gil Orallo of DPWH (center) reviews the output of Group 3 on the application of gender analysis tools during the workshop.

     The capacity building on the other hand enlightened the participants on how PFDA Post-Harvest Facilities could be evaluated using the GAD Tool Kit developed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) using the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) for Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation as guiding framework. The GAD Tool Kit will help facilitate gender responsiveness in developing and implementing infrastructure projects from planning, design, construction, and up to maintenance of the facilities. With the assistance of Engr. Virgilio H. Orallo, the resource speaker from the DPWH, the GAD champions and engineers were “genderized.” Aside from the lectures given by the speaker, hands-on assessment was made within the DAP vicinity and roadways. Further, Engr. Orallo advised the participants to propose infrastructure projects in the PFDA GAD Plans and Budget, which cost can be attributed as GAD expense using the GAD Tool Kit, now that they already know how to apply the guidelines.

     As a result of this workshop and training, gender mainstreaming or integration of GAD activities in all PFDA units shall be part of everyone’s daily tasks. Hence, the attainment of a bigger portion of PFDA Budget as GAD expenses, direct or attributed cost, is expected to be more manageable for the PFDA.
Training participants conduct road assessment based on the checklist for road construction included in the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines(HGDG) .

The Seafood Expo Global is the world’s largest seafood trade fair which happens each year in Brussels, Belgium. The Expo features almost 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world. It is a once-a-year event where professional seafood buyers and suppliers from every corner of the globe meet and do business with each other. Closely covered by the Media, it is also an excellent way to promote one’s business in the fishing industry.

Together with Undersecretary Atty. Francisco Villano of the DA, the BFAR support team, and the Agricultural Attache of Belgium, PFDA GM Atty. Glen Pangapalan was enjoined to attend this year’s ingress of the Seafood Expo’s opening and was warmly welcomed by the higher commissions of Brussels. The group roamed and observed the different fish processing stalls represented by various European countries.

According to Atty. Pangapalan, the event provided a “great opportunity to learn more about the different fish processing technologies from all over the world, and meet people who thrive in the same industry.” (Thea Lacson)

For the past few years, the facilities in Sual Fish Port (SFP) have been barely used by fish traders; the main activities in the port used to be transshipment and unloading. This is the reason why, in order to maximize the facilities within the port, they have been leased to private individuals or companies instead.

In March 2015, however, things began to change. It started when UNICREST Philippines, Inc., originally based in General Santos under the company name Gladery Fishing, extended its deep-sea fishing operations in North Luzon and established its base in Sual. Gradually, fish traders started coming in and began conducting business in the port’s piers because, unfortunately, the existing market hall was leased to a private company.

This surprising turn of events encouraged the PFDA to construct a new Market Hall to be used by the public in order to formalize and promote the trading activities in SFP. This new facility of the port, which is about 210sqm wide, is expected to be completed by the end of July 2017.

Also included in the construction project is the completion of the road network from the gate to the pier. About two-thirds of the road, or 71 linear meters, was completed in April 2016. However, due to budget restrictions, the remaining one-third was left undone. This will be finished at the same time as the Market Hall. (Thea Lacson) feed

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