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Amidst the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases nationwide, various Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFPs) continue to maintain safe and secure facilities by conducting general cleaning and disinfection activities in their respective areas.

Zamboanga Fish Port Complex

On November 28, the PFDA - Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) conducted a half-day disinfection measure as part of the port’s continuous effort to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to better serve its clients. 

PFDA-ZFPC employees, security guards, janitors, and members of the Zeta Phi Omega participated in the clean-up and disinfection of the port facilities. 

Navotas Fish Port Complex

Meanwhile, on November 29, the PFDA - Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), led by its Food Safety and Environmental Management Unit (FSEMU) and Port Maintenance Division (PMD), held its 21st monthly general cleaning and disinfection activities.

This activity is to maintain a safe and clean environment and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The disinfection team thoroughly cleaned the port premises, including the Entrance Gate / Lambatan area and Market Halls 1 to 5. 

The PFDA-NFPC properly scheduled the cleaning activities in line with the fish trading schedule to avoid a possible increase in fish prices caused by the long-term closure of he fish markets.

As one of the top fish suppliers in NCR and some areas in Luzon, the PFDA-NFPC is committed to continuing these regular disinfection measures to avoid the COVID-19 virus from spreading within the port's vicinity. Despite easing protocols, the port management would like to remind everyone to observe proper health protocols while inside the port. 

Participating in the disinfection activities were volunteers from Ambulant vendors, Irma Fishing and Trading Inc., Chanidae Marketing Corporation, members of the BMIL-BSL and Delta Fire Volunteer Team, Janitorial Services - Manila Alliance Management Services Cooperative (MAMSC), and members of Catalina Security Agency (CSA).

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with reports and photos from PFDA - ZFPC Facebook Page; and Ms. Joy S. Tuazon and Mr. Emilson Fajardo – PFDA - NFPC)


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After months of swinging record volume, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) has registered its highest monthly unloading volume for the year this November, according to the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS). 

Based on the report, the PFDA-DFPC delivered 665 metric tons (MT) of fishery products or equivalent to a whopping 190.22% increase. This volume is almost triple compared to last month’s record and is by far the highest unloading jump of the year for the port.

Frozen tuna products claimed the top spot of fish species with the highest supply in PFDA-DFPC. Also on the list were moonfish and round scad. 

As COVID-19 quarantine classifications ease and cases in the region decline, the PFDA-DFPC aims to sustain this upward momentum of fish unloading to continually supply and meet the needs of its clients and stakeholders. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)


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Philippine National Police Maritime Group – Regional Maritime Unit-NCR (RMU-NCR) has recognized Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) as one of the recipients of the "Outstanding RMU-NCR Stakeholders”, held on November 22, 2021, at the RMU-NCR Headquarters in Navotas City. 

PNP Maritime Group Director PBGen. John Mitchell V. Jamili awarded the memento to PFDA-NFPC as a sign of gratitude for its full and continuous support and assistance to the RMU-NCR in maintaining the peace and order in the area and providing an office building for both the Northern and HRMU-NCR. The award was accepted by PFDA-NFPC Acting Assistant Port Manager (APM) Arfilo Catipay on behalf of Port Manager Luz P. Ortiz. 

Moreover, PBGen. Jamili and APM Catipay led the oath-taking ceremony of volunteers for RMU-NCR’s “Saviors of the Sea” program. 

The program aims to institutionalize the active support and participation of volunteers from the coastal community in raising awareness and concern in preserving and protecting our maritime environment.

Other stakeholders attended the activity to witness the awarding and oath-taking ceremony.

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with report and photos from Ms. Kristine Joy Tuazon – PFDA-NFPC)


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Despite last week’s imposition of the closed fishing season in Northern Palawan this November, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFP) managed to deliver 10,597.42 metric tons (MT) of fishery products during the November 8-14, 2021 unloading period. 

According to a two-week comparative report from the Operations Services Department (OSD), the total weekly fish unloading for all RFPs increased by 11.55% amidst various fish conservation measures conducted in one of the biggest fishing grounds of PFDA ports.

Based on the report, one of the top-performing ports for the week was the PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex (PFDA-GSFPC) with 4,715.08 MT or equivalent to a 42.54% increase. 

In addition, the PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) also reached a significant turnout after delivering 316.68 MT of fish (12.84% increase). 

Moreover, the PFDA – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) distributed 251.86 MT of fishery products (9.97% increase).

On the other hand, the PFDA – Sual Fish Port (PFDA-SFP) returned to sea and delivered 90.69 MT of fish. 

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division)


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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) has reestablished its compliance to international standards of service after earning the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management System on November 15, 2021.

During the recertification audit, the certification body from SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. commended the PFDA-NFPC management for attaining office performance targets despite the many challenges encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also noted that the port has generally matured in terms of its Quality Management System (QMS), as seen through the preparedness of the QMS Team and the different divisions/units for the recent audit.

The positive audit findings include (1) the port management’s prompt response to feedback and complaints received via the 8888 hotline; (2) employee awareness of pertinent standards and requirements; (3) conduct of post-training evaluation; and (4) provision of relevant programs and measures in support of port operations.

PFDA-NFPC Port Manager (PM) Ms. Luz P. Ortiz expressed her gratitude to the auditors for their favorable comments and inputs regarding the whole-day activity. She also thanked the PFDA Top Management, headed by PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan, for their unwavering support to the PFDA-NFPC’s port operations.

In addition, PM Luz acknowledged the full cooperation and outstanding efforts of all port officers and staff in the preparations for the Recertification Audit and in ensuring the continuous implementation and enhancement of the PFDA-NFPC Quality Management System.

In line with this success, various units from the PFDA Central Office will also have their reaccreditation audit before the year ends. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Officer with report and photos from Ms. Kristine Joy Tuazon - PFDA - NFPC and PFDA – NFPC Facebook Page)


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Date Released: November 16, 2021

To give way to its ongoing renovation, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) – Central Office has moved to its temporary location at the PCA Building, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City (former office of BFAR Central Office above Landbank Quezon City Circle branch). 

In line with the temporary relocation, the PFDA highly encourages clients, stakeholders, and industry partners to contact the office through email for you to experience the same quality and unhampered service at its new address. 

You may send your respective email requests at the email addresses indicated in the photo. 

The agency will release a new public advisory once the transfer of telephone numbers is complete. 

We look forward to working with you from our new location. 



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Thirty division chiefs and officers-in-charge (OIC) from Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Central Office and all Regional Fish Ports (RFPs) have engaged in a two-day seminar-workshop entitled Leadership Management Training held via teleconference on November 4 and 5, 2021. 

Through this training that was led by the PFDA Administrative Services Department – Human Resource Division (ASD-HRD), in partnership with the University of the Philippines - Institute of Small-Scale Industries (UP-ISSI), the agency seeks to help managers learn new leadership techniques and refine old managerial skills to effectively run their respective teams. 

The PFDA believes that leadership training like this can help raise the productivity of all employees by motivating and educating division chiefs and OICs so that they can implement company strategies and train subordinates towards better work performance. 

During the two-day training, the participants learned about the fundamental concepts of leadership and identifying needs, followed by stress management and goal setting.

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division) feed

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