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PFDA Weekly Briefer for the October 25 to 31, 2021 unloading period

Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFP) continued its positive unloading streak ending the month of October 2021 with 13,063.81 metric tons (MT) or equivalent to a 3.32 percent increase during the October 25 to 31 unloading period.  

Based on a two-week comparative report submitted by the Operations Services Department (OSD), the aggregate fish unloading volume of all PFDA ports is continuously rising despite the closed fishing season in northern Palawan starting November 1. 

According to the report, the PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex (PFDA-GSFPC) maintained its position as one of the top-performing ports during the last week of October. Data showed that PFDA-GSFPC delivered 6,224.98 MT (5.73% increase) of fish. This volume accounts for the highest unloading volume among all PFDA RFPs.

In addition, the PFDA – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) registered 164.76 MT of fish or equal to a 167.29% increase, a significant recovery from last week’s slump.

Moreover, the PFDA – Sual Fish Port (PFDA-SFP) doubles its weekly unloading volume at 102.59 MT. 

Subsequently, the PFDA – Iloilo Fish Port Complex (PFDA-IFPC) and the PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) both ended the month of October at a positive trend. The ports managed to unload 383.57 MT (3.60% increase) and 283.07 MT (2.22% increase), subsequently. 

With the continuous increase in unloading volume, the PFDA’s isDA ON THE GO (iOTG) Flagship Project continues to provide pocket-friendly and high-quality fish and fishery products to all its consumers. 

This October 2021, the project sold 2.39 MT of iOTG products to all of its customers in over 100 outlets in the National Capital Region and other selected areas outside Manila.

As of October 28, the iOTG initiative has sold 128.82 MT of fish and fishery products since the COVID-19 pandemic began last March 2020.

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division)


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Representative from the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources - Regional Field Office 1 (BFAR - RFO1) visited the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Sual Fish Port (PFDA-SFP) to discuss the port’s operations, as well as ongoing and upcoming projects, held on November 3, 2021. 

During the meeting with the NFRDI and BFAR team, PFDA-SFP Officer-in-Charge Mr. Francisco Romeo G. Escandor Jr. discussed the current operation status of the port. Mr. Escandor also presented the components of the port’s flagship rehabilitation project which will be commencing soon.

As of September 30, the planned rehabilitation in PFDA-SFP is up for project implementation. With that, the reconstruction and improvement of the port is expected to begin later in the year.

(Mark Angelo N Perez – Public Information Division with report and photos from Rodel B. Gabuya of PFDA-SFP)


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Starting the new quarter with a significant success, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) has recorded its second-highest unloading volume of the year after unloading 20,000.86 metric tons (MT) of fish and fishery products in October 2021. 

According to the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS), the October 2021 data is PFDA-NFPC’s highest jump in total monthly unloading record for the whole year. Based on the report, this volume is a 69.99 percent increase compared to last month's data. In addition, this record is the second 20K MT mark attained by PFDA-NFPC in 2021. 

During the last week of October 2021, galunggong remains on top of the list of fish species with the highest supply. Completing the top five list of species with the highest availability were milkfish (bangus), tilapia, dalagang-bukid, and skipjack tuna.

With the closed fishing season fast approaching, the PFDA-NFPC will continue to work day and night to maintain this high volume of fishery products available for all its clients and stakeholders. 

As the leading fish supplier of the National Capital Region and some parts of Central and South Luzon, the fish port commits to providing an adequate supply of fish for all in the months to come. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)

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PFDA faces slight dip in numbers; continues to provide services, projects to all

Due to the continuous dangers brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and hazardous weather conditions, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) experienced a slight dip in its quarterly performance during the third quarter of 2021. Nevertheless, the agency continues to provide all out services to all its customers and industry partners especially during these previous challenging months.  

On Fish Unloading and Handling

During the July to September 2021 period, PFDA has unloaded a total of 116,474.43 metric tons (MT) of fish, or an average daily unloading of 1,266.02 MT. On the other hand, PFDA had also processed 397.09 MT of fishery products and produced 9,149.40 MT of ice for its frozen fish supply. 

On Serving Port Clients

Over the months, storms and enhanced southwest monsoon rains caused moderate to rough seas over the seaboards of the country. These phenomena have brought dangers to docking vessels in Regional Fish Ports (RFP). According to the report, there had been 19,284 vessels who arrived in RFPs to unload much-needed fish supply. Subsequently, PFDA was able to serve 11,678 clients with quality and adequate fishery and non-fishery products despite a slim decline in the number of vessels that docked in ports. 


Speaking of celebrating small wins, the PFDA continues to deliver low-cost fresh-frozen fish supply and other fishery products to its consumers within Metro Manila and selected areas in Luzon through the isDA ON THE GO (iOTG) Project. 

As of September 30, 2021, the iOTG initiative has sold a total of 126,427.87 kilograms of budget-friendly fishery products and partnered with 117 outlets in Metro Manila and nearby provinces since the beginning of the pandemic last March 2020. 

Last February, PFDA signed a memorandum with the local government unit (LGU) of Sorsogon regarding the establishment of iOTG in the province.

Aside from that, the iOTG also sells low-priced fish through the Department of Agriculture’s KADIWA on Wheels program. There is also Market on Wheels in partnership with LGUs and the AFPCES. 

On Flagship Projects and Rehabilitation Initiatives

As the year enters its last quarter, the rehabilitation and development of RFPs under PFDA’s Flagship Projects are inching closer towards completion. 

As of September 30, construction and renovation of some facilities and establishments in Lucena Fish Port Complex (LFPC), Davao Fish Port Complex (DFPC), and Iloilo Fish Port Complex (IFPC) are midway through the completion at 80.55%, 78.06%, and 49.72%, respectively. 

Meanwhile, port innovations and improvement in Camaligan Fish Port (CFP), Sual Fish Port (SFP), and Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (ZFPC) are all for project implementation.

On the other hand, renovation in Navotas Fish Port Complex (NFPC) is awaiting for award of contract. 

On Port Facilities Utilization

For this quarter’s port utilization, PFDA has exhibited outstanding records in comparison from last quarter’s tally. 

Piers and quays remain to have the highest utilization rate at 195.15%, followed by the utilization of market halls at 97.97% and commercial/industrial lands at 79.31%. 

Not far behind, utilization rate for ice-making plants soared to 79.44%, as well as cold storage facilities at 70.33%. Finally, processing areas had a minor slip at 56.71% utilization rate.

This quarter has been a tough one for the PFDA. There had been challenges brought by the changing quarantine protocols, as well as dangers brought by severe weather conditions. These factors have affected some minor to major port activities, but the PFDA continues to take necessary steps to successfully overcome these difficult situations and celebrate small wins along the way. 



PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex

The city of Lucena in Quezon is known for its “Pahiyas Festival” that showcases the locals’ gratitude for their bountiful harvest. In a few months’ time, the city of Lucena will have more reasons to celebrate because as of September 30, the rehabilitation of port facilities in the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) is at 80.55%. This port upgrade translates to a celebration of more fishery products available to the people of Lucena City and nearby provinces. 

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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFP) hit a record high in the second semester of 2021, according to a two-week comparative report from the Operations Services Department (OSD).

Based on the report, during the October 18 -24, 2021 unloading period, all PFDA ports registered 12,643.69 metric tons (MT) of fishery products or equivalent to a 53.64% increase compared to last week’s data. This record is the second-highest unloading volume ever recorded by all RFPs since July 2021.

Leading this week’s rise in unloading volume with a noteworthy increase of 103.07% is the PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex (PFDA-GSFPC). The port unloaded 5,887.40 MT of fish and fishery products for all its clients and stakeholders. 

In addition, the PFDA – Navotas Fish Port Complex also recorded a significant increase in unloading for two straight weeks after delivering 5,411.00 MT of fish (29.85% increase). 

Moreover, the PFDA – Bulan Fish Port Complex (PFDA-BFPC) and the PFDA – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) doubled their weekly unloading volume. Records showed that the ports distributed 476.66 MT (108.46% increase) and 105.11 MT (116.13% increase), respectively. 

Subsequently, the PFDA – Sual Fish Port (PFDA-SFP) increased its weekly unloading volume five times compared to its unloading record from the previous week totaling 54.71 MT of fish (487.594% increase). 

Finally, the PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex showed a consistent performance with 276.94 MT of unloading fish supply (0.23% increase). 

As of October 24, all PFDA ports have unloaded a total of 886,865.65 MT of fish since the beginning of the pandemic last March 2020.

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division)



PFDA – Iloilo Fish Port Complex

What is more fitting for the “Heart of the Philippines” than to have exceptional and well-built infrastructures and establishments? With the agency’s ongoing rehabilitation project, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Iloilo Fish Port Complex will soon be the center of business where more port vessels can unload an adequate amount of fishery products. As of September 30, the construction and development in PFDA-IFPC is at 49.72% feed

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