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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Top Management led by PFDA General Manager Atty. Glen A. Pangapalan conducted the first leg of the Mindanao Developmental Projects site inspection to survey the establishment of new fisheries post-harvest facilities on December 13 to 14, 2021.

Together with PFDA Assistant General Manager Ms. Iris R. de Vera and PFDA Technical Services Department Manager Engr. Danilo A. Axalan, the PFDA team visited several cities and municipalities in Mindanao to inspect the progress and ongoing improvement of the project. They also met with the local government officials of each area to discuss the project’s implementation phase.

On December 13, the PFDA visiting team arrived at Panabo City in Davao del Norte where they met with Dr. Jericardo S. Mondragon, OIC-National Mariculture Center Panabo City, and Mr. Orlando V. Tuason, City Aquaculture Specialist.

Afterward, on December 14, they visited Tagum City in Davao del Norte to discuss the construction of Tagum City Modern Fish Market. They were welcomed by Mr. Sonny Manigo, Jr., City Planning Department Head, Ms. Louella Mae Apurado-Dumagdag, City Architect, and Ms. Marjorie Mitzi Enriquez, Planning Officer II.

In a previous meeting, GM Pangapalan noted that the agency chose Tagum City as one of the project locations due to identified surplus and demand for fish and fishery products in the area.

The PFDA Top Management also went to several other project sites across Mindanao to review and discuss fisheries post-harvest facilities set to rise in the months to come.

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with reports and photos from Mr. Kenneth Quindao – Office of the General Manager)


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As an agency advocating gender sensitivity and inclusivity, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) has organized a two-day virtual talk series about in observance of the 2021 Gender and Development (GAD) 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) with the theme “VAW-free community starts with Me” from November 25 to December 12, 2021.

Through its Gender and Development Focal Point System (PFDA-GFPS), the agency takes part in this annual campaign highlighting Republic Act 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act, which aims to raise awareness of the public and the institutions that are mandated to implement the law.

Dr. Excelsa C. Tongson, Deputy Director for Training and Outreach at the University of the Philippines Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (UPCWGS), was invited to be the guest speaker for day one to discuss “All is Fair in Language: A Virtual Talk on the Use of Gender-Fair Communication and Language”.

During her discussion, Dr. Tongson talked about what is sexist language, the nature of sexism and how it becomes present in language, and the kinds of sexist language. She noted that every day is an opportunity to learn more about gender-fair language and be better at communicating with your peers. She also emphasized that language is a language of possibilities regardless of gender.

Dr. Tongson also presented the need for gender-fair language and how to become an ally of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE). She said that webinars like this are an opportunity to start the discussion about gender and development. “Let us not only become gender-sensitive, but gender-transformative… Ako ay Pilipino at ako ay marespeto. Let us stop VAW,” Dr. Tongson exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jemelle F. Zamora-Milanes, Gender Consultant and member of the National GAD Resource Pool of the Philippine Commission on Women, served as the resource speaker on day two about “Creating Safe Spaces: A Virtual Talk on Ensuring Women’s Safety in the Physical and Digital Workplace”.

Ms. Milanes talked about the salient features of the Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law). She defined safe space as a formal and informal place where a person feels comfortable, physically and emotionally safe, and enjoys the freedom of self-expression without the fear of judgment or harm.

In addition, Ms. Milanes discussed the different kinds of Gender-Based Sexual Harassments (GBSH), qualified acts under GBSH, and penalties for the perpetrators. “If it’s unwanted, it’s harassment. I encourage everyone to report in case you experience some form of harassment in public places, online, workplace, and educational and training institutions. Meron pong poprotekta sa atin na batas kaya huwag po tayong matakot. Let's try to create a safe space for everyone,” Ms. Milanes said. 

PFDA GAD Focal Point System TWG Head Mr. Mc Christian Julius A. Macaranas II welcomed everyone who attended and participated in the two-day virtual. Mr. Macaranas is hoping that this passion project of PFDA will become a basic program for all so that everyone, including port clients, stakeholders, and consumers, can understand and embrace the advocacy of gender and development in the workplace and their own homes.

To watch the replay of the webinars and part of this annual activity, make sure to like and follow the PFDA GAD Focal Point System Facebook Page and PFDA Official Facebook Page and use the hashtags #VAWfreecommunitystartswithme and #PFDAGAD.

Ms. Mary Anne Kristine R. Ramos of PFDA ASD-HRD and Mr. Miguel M. Pilarta of PFDA PID served as the moderators of the webinar series.

(Mark Angelo N. Perez- Public Information Division)


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Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), together with the Navotas City Health Office, participated in the three-day “Bayanihan, Bakunahan” National COVID-19 Vaccination Days to inoculate port workers and residents within the port’s vicinity, held at the port's Motorpool Area on November 29 to December 1, 2021. 

During the vaccination days, 319 individuals received their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, while 150 individuals received their first jab of the vaccine. 

As per Proclamation No. 1253, all PFDA-NFPC employees and workers who received their vaccine during the period will not be considered absent from their work, provided that they present proof of vaccination. 

This joint activity by the PFDA-NFPC and Navotas-LGU is another step towards herd immunity inside the fish port against the COVID-19 virus. 

On top of the three-day vaccination drive, a total of 30 individuals have received their COVID-19 booster shots. Fully vaccinated individuals from the A1 to A3 categories are qualified to receive boosters after health officials authorized the rollout of the vaccine starting December 1. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with report and photos from Ms. Mae Medina and Ms. Joy S. Tuazon – PFDA-NFPC)

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Three Regional Fish Ports (RFP) of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) in Luzon, namely the Bulan Fish Port Complex (PFDA-BFPC), Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC) and Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), have delivered a significant amount of fishery products to all its clients and stakeholders in November 2021, based on the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS).

Among the three mentioned ports, the PFDA-BFPC showed the highest increase in unloading volume. Data showed that the PFDA-BFPC unloaded 1,459.19 metric tons (MT) of fish or equivalent to a 113.8% increase. By far, this record is the highest volume and the first 1K-mark for the second half of the year for PFDA-BFPC.

Subsequently, the PFDA-LFPC also showed a growth in numbers after registering 1,483.97 MT of fish (4.95% increase). The PFDA-LFPC has been one of the most consistent ports of PFDA when it comes to maintaining a sufficient volume of fishery products for its clients. 

On the other hand, the PFDA-NFPC has suffered a slight decline in its monthly unloading volume. Regardless of the drop, the port still delivered 19,463.41 MT of fishery products to its consumers. Despite the closed fishing season in one of its main fishing grounds in Palawan, the PFDA-NFPC still performed significantly in November. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)


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Amidst the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases nationwide, various Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) Regional Fish Ports (RFPs) continue to maintain safe and secure facilities by conducting general cleaning and disinfection activities in their respective areas.

Zamboanga Fish Port Complex

On November 28, the PFDA - Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) conducted a half-day disinfection measure as part of the port’s continuous effort to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to better serve its clients. 

PFDA-ZFPC employees, security guards, janitors, and members of the Zeta Phi Omega participated in the clean-up and disinfection of the port facilities. 

Navotas Fish Port Complex

Meanwhile, on November 29, the PFDA - Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC), led by its Food Safety and Environmental Management Unit (FSEMU) and Port Maintenance Division (PMD), held its 21st monthly general cleaning and disinfection activities.

This activity is to maintain a safe and clean environment and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The disinfection team thoroughly cleaned the port premises, including the Entrance Gate / Lambatan area and Market Halls 1 to 5. 

The PFDA-NFPC properly scheduled the cleaning activities in line with the fish trading schedule to avoid a possible increase in fish prices caused by the long-term closure of he fish markets.

As one of the top fish suppliers in NCR and some areas in Luzon, the PFDA-NFPC is committed to continuing these regular disinfection measures to avoid the COVID-19 virus from spreading within the port's vicinity. Despite easing protocols, the port management would like to remind everyone to observe proper health protocols while inside the port. 

Participating in the disinfection activities were volunteers from Ambulant vendors, Irma Fishing and Trading Inc., Chanidae Marketing Corporation, members of the BMIL-BSL and Delta Fire Volunteer Team, Janitorial Services - Manila Alliance Management Services Cooperative (MAMSC), and members of Catalina Security Agency (CSA).

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with reports and photos from PFDA - ZFPC Facebook Page; and Ms. Joy S. Tuazon and Mr. Emilson Fajardo – PFDA - NFPC)


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After months of swinging record volume, Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) has registered its highest monthly unloading volume for the year this November, according to the agency’s Modified Integrated Corporate Reporting System (MICRS). 

Based on the report, the PFDA-DFPC delivered 665 metric tons (MT) of fishery products or equivalent to a whopping 190.22% increase. This volume is almost triple compared to last month’s record and is by far the highest unloading jump of the year for the port.

Frozen tuna products claimed the top spot of fish species with the highest supply in PFDA-DFPC. Also on the list were moonfish and round scad. 

As COVID-19 quarantine classifications ease and cases in the region decline, the PFDA-DFPC aims to sustain this upward momentum of fish unloading to continually supply and meet the needs of its clients and stakeholders. 

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division)


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Philippine National Police Maritime Group – Regional Maritime Unit-NCR (RMU-NCR) has recognized Philippine Fisheries Development Authority – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) as one of the recipients of the "Outstanding RMU-NCR Stakeholders”, held on November 22, 2021, at the RMU-NCR Headquarters in Navotas City. 

PNP Maritime Group Director PBGen. John Mitchell V. Jamili awarded the memento to PFDA-NFPC as a sign of gratitude for its full and continuous support and assistance to the RMU-NCR in maintaining the peace and order in the area and providing an office building for both the Northern and HRMU-NCR. The award was accepted by PFDA-NFPC Acting Assistant Port Manager (APM) Arfilo Catipay on behalf of Port Manager Luz P. Ortiz. 

Moreover, PBGen. Jamili and APM Catipay led the oath-taking ceremony of volunteers for RMU-NCR’s “Saviors of the Sea” program. 

The program aims to institutionalize the active support and participation of volunteers from the coastal community in raising awareness and concern in preserving and protecting our maritime environment.

Other stakeholders attended the activity to witness the awarding and oath-taking ceremony.

(Mark Angelo N. Perez – Public Information Division with report and photos from Ms. Kristine Joy Tuazon – PFDA-NFPC) feed

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