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Weekly Briefer for the July 5 to 11, 2021 Period

Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) recorded its second-highest weekly fish unloading volume of the year after its Regional Fish Ports (RFP) registered a whopping 13,366.08 metric tons (MT) of unloaded fish during the July 5 to 11, 2021 period.

Based on a two-week comparative report collected by the Operations Services Department (OSD), PFDA RFPs have recorded an 18.01 percent increase compared to last week’s unloading volume. By far, this is the second 13K mark achieved by the RFPs this year since March. 

According to the data, all fish ports managed to increase their unloading volume and reach the positive trend with PFDA – General Santos Fish Port Complex (PFDA-GSFPC) and PFDA – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) being the top-performing fish ports for the week. 

After weeks of recovery, PFDA-GSFPC is once again at the top of the list this week with 6,557.62 MT of unloaded fish, or equivalent to a 32.12% increase in volume. This record is nearly half the combined total volume of all fish ports. 

On the other hand, PFDA – Davao Fish Port Complex (PFDA-DFPC) has significantly improved its weekly unloading volume following last week’s decline. This week, the fish port delivered 70.36 MT of fish or a 151.80% increase.

Meanwhile, PFDA – Navotas Fish Port Complex (PFDA-NFPC) maintained its positive unloading streak, registering 3,921.41 MT of fish for all its clients and stakeholders. Also, PFDA – Bulan Fish Port Complex (PFDA-BFPC) perfectly retained its weekly unloading volume at 1,543.59 MT. 

Subsequently, it was also a good week for PFDA – Iloilo Fish Port Complex (PFDA-IFPC) and PFDA – Lucena Fish Port Complex (PFDA-LFPC), delivering 571.27 MT (23.78%) and 463.70 MT (11.87%), respectively, to all their consumers. 

Likewise, PFDA – Sual Fish Port (PFDA-SFP) continues to improve its weekly unloading volume with 86.62 MT (57.63%). And lastly, PFDA – Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (PFDA-ZFPC) remains consistent in delivering adequate fish supply to its consumers with 151.51 MT (39.45%). 

(Report by Mark Angelo N. Perez and infographic by Paul Vincent Del Rosario - Public Information Division) feed

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