IFPC Orientations Orientations Zamboanga Fish Port Complex
Maintaining safe workplace. PFDA-IFPC (left) and PFDA-ZFPC conducted orientations for their respective port clients to remind everyone on the importance of food safety and COVID-19 prevention measures.

Even before the pandemic and implementation of community quarantine across various regions in the Philippines, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority has been really keen in its implementation of various health and safety standards in all its Regional Fish Ports (RFPs).

Among these are the regular monitoring and port client orientations on Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (GMP-SSOP) and health protocols on COVID-19 prevention measures.

The PFDA-Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (ZFPC) Food Safety and Environmental Management Unit (FSEMU) conducted series of orientations for its port clients highlighting the importance of proper hygiene, solid waste disposal and safety protocols in handling fish and seafood unloaded at the fish market halls, July 10, 2020.

Meanwhile, the PFDA-Iloilo Fish Port Complex (IFPC) conducted meeting with group of fish traders and vendors to provide update and reminders on COVID-19 prevention practices, June 23, 2020.

Apart from compliance to basic food safety protocols like wearing of gloves, boots, proper attire, non-smoking and spitting, all RFPs are also continuously implementing COVID-19 prevention protocols such as wearing of face masks at all times within port premises, temperature monitoring for those entering the port, proper hand washing, using of foot bath at designated areas and regular disinfection activities.

Aside from the lead monitoring team from the Quality Assurance Division under the Operations Department (QAD-OSD), all RFPs are directed to create and maintain their respective FSEMU to conduct regular activities and implement food and health safety standards. (Public Information Division with reports and photos from the PFDA-IFPC; and PFDA –ZFPC and  FSEMU) feed

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