“We Make Change Work for Women” is this year’s theme until 2022, highlighting the empowerment of women as active contributors and claimholders of progress. This pursuit of development under the Duterte administration is also anchored on the commitment of “Malasakit at Pagbabago” or True Compassion and Real Change, vis-a-vis emphasizes that women should be active drivers in bringing about positive changes which can be made possible by empowering and enabling them to engage with other development stakeholders.


The month long activities include the kick-off for Central Office employees dancing to the tune of “Juana Ikaw na ang Manguna”, ZFPC participating on the Dia De Las Mujeres in partnership with the LGU, CFP joining the DA Family with their Zumba Dance at Legaspi City, GSFPC and DFPC held parades with their respective DA Regional Offices. Purple Day was also observed every Thursday by wearing the advocacy shirts for the celebration. Gender sensitive films were likewise shown at the Central Office in two batches on March 13 & 23 with the movie titles, “Thy Womb” and “The Proposal”. Soft copy of briefer on RA 9262 known as Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children was also sent to the Regional Fish Ports (RFPs) GAD Focal, for reproduction and dissemination and LFPC’s version of the said briefer was then distributed to their clientele. (Au C. Atanacio)

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