The fishing industry in Region XII, is primarily centered in General Santos City, supporting thousands of jobs and generating millions in foreign exchange earnings. It aspires not only to exhibits fish and frozen tuna to the local and foreign market, but endeavors to optimize  opportunities by adding more value to its fishery products. 

     The operationalization of General Santos Fish Port Complex (GSFPC) is considered of great importance in East Asia Growth Area (EAGA) as it is noted to be the major fishing post harvest infrastructure in the Mindanao area. GSFPC boasts of a complete six -35°C cold storage each with 300 metric ton capacity; 4 tons/day brine freezer; a 60 tonner ice plant and a 1680-meter landing/preparation area.

     GSFPC attracts investors involved in an array of economic interests, among which are some of the largest companies in the Philippines’ fishery sector. More clients are lured to put their investments at the fish port with the completion of the port’s expansion project that included additional refrigeration facilities and wharves that can accommodate huge capacity refrigerated vessels, among others.

     The newly constructed facilities boosted trading and business transactions in GSFPC and with their core thrust in quality assurance, the port is linked to various global market communities.


     The GSFPC, covering an area of 32 hectares, is strategically located at Brgy. Tambler, General Santos City in South Cotabato. GSFPC which lies along the shores of Sarangani Bay is 17km south of the city proper. Constructed and financed by Japanese Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund under the Nationwide Fishing Ports Project Package II, the port complex is the second largest fish port in the Philippines next to Navotas Fish Port Complex.

General Santos Fish Port Complex

Services and Port Operation

  • As designed, port activities include the following:
  • Unloading and Marketing of marine products both for local and foreign markets;
  • Harbor operations which cater to tuna handline boats, purse seiners and huge capacity refrigerated foreign vessels; and
  • Processing and refrigeration services.

Food Safety Statement

     To ensure the safety and quality of fish and processed goods intended for domestic and international markets through modern facilities and infrastructures, as well as by technical soundness and truthfulness of product information for the protection of consumers.

Major Facilities

PORT AREA 32 Hectares (including agro-industrial area)


Harbor Basin I         1.5M  Wharf

                400 meters berthing length

                Concrete stairlanding

Harbor Basin II- 3.5M Wharf

                400 meters berthing length

                Multi-level quay type

Harbor Basin III- 6.0M Wharf

                360 meters berthing length

                Quay type landing

Harbor Basin IV- 1.5M Wharf

(with breakwater)325 meter berthing length

                Concrete stairlanding

Thru China National Construction and  Agricultural Machinery Import/Export Corporation (CAMC) Expansion Project

  • Wharf I       9M (depth)

        320 meters berthing length

        Quay type landing

  • Wharf II      9M

       200 meters berthing length

       Quay type landing



  • Fish Market                               (4 Units) 7,600sq.m (102 stalls)
  • Market Hall Extensions Areas:     1,590sq.m (50 areas)
  • Bañera Warehouse                    280sq.m. (10 doors)
  • Locker Rooms                           4 rooms
  • Mezzanine Offices                     350 sq.m. (17 rooms)

Contact Information

Office of the Port Manager
Bgy. Tambler, General Santos City, South Cotabato
Tel. Nos. 
(083)552-0835 :(083)552-7847 :(083)552-3996 :(083)552-3995

Tele Fax (083)552-3996

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.